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Sneyders produces filling and capping machines for liquid products. The Sneyders story starts with Mr Peter Sneyders who engineered in the eighties his first filling machine for his family company which was producing detergents and soaps. Standing in the production daily, Peter understood as no other the issues operators and business owners were confronted with. Accuracy, reliability, efficiency.

Sneyders pushes its boundaries

Sneyders Machineconstructie was born and Peter followed its own way. Various filling and capping machines to fill bottles and jerry cans between 50 and 5000 ml were developed in the next years. In 2012 Seamco acquired the operations of Sneyders and the machines received a major overhaul with as major credo – EASY. The latest technology was introduced, customers were questioned about potential improvements, an industrial design company was hired in, all with the purpose to ease the use of the machines. The new SCALDIS filler was born. Easy to operate, easy to change format, easy to clean or change product, easy to maintain.

The synergies with Seamco did not only result in advantages for Sneyders but also for its customers. Sneyders could from now on also offer bottle unscramblers, labelling machines, carton packers and palletisers.

In 2018 the acquisition of BPMatic completed the Sneyders range of machines. From then on Sneyders can offer filling and capping machines for bottles, jerrycan, containers, drums, IBC’s from 50ml till 1000 liter. Always with the same philosophy of its founder of accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

The Sneyders organization evolved over the last eight years from a five men activity to a thirty+ organization with doubling up every function within the company in order to ensure continuity and support towards its customers. Export developed and sales were realized all over Europe, Russia and North Africa. Next to the existing small and medium sized companies, Sneyders was able to realize repeat sales to major companies like Total, Kuwait Oil, Diversey, Henkel, Kärcher, Lukoil and several others.  

The range of products filled with Sneyders machines is vast.

  • Household products - detergents, bleach, window cleaner, fabric softener, toilet cleaner, …
  • Chemicals – inks, fertilisers, base chemcials, nutrients, …
  • Personal health care – shampoos, body lotions, …
  • Automotive products – lubricants, cooling fluids, …
  • Food – Vegetable oils, vinegars, edible oils, …

Meet the expert

Today Sneyders still listens carefully to their customers. All of them have encountered at least one or more smaller or more important issues with former filling equipment and capping machines which they want to be avoided. At Sneyders these concerns are taken seriously and form the part of our basis for new developments. 

Sneyders is your source for filling and capping machines.

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