Tigris Monobloc

The fully automatic in line ALL IN ONE filler capper, for all your liquid & viscous products.

The Tigris 2.0 M combines a one-head filling station and a one-head capping machine in one chassis. Dosing is realized with a flowmeter, a scale or a peristaltic pump.

It has the following advantages:

  • No product tank  
  • Safe working conditions
  • Compact & clean design    
  • Quick format changeover
  • Fully servo-driven  
  • Tool free & time-saving
  • Protection against hazardous products

This machine is the ideal solution for companies with small batches or startups.


Bottles, jerrycans or containers are fed with a conveyor into the monobloc. A bottle separator positions the bottle under the filling nozzle. The servo-driven filling nozzle plunges down into the bottle to avoid foaming and follow the product level.

Once filled the bottle is carried by the same conveyor to the capping section where the bottle is centered with the changeover format part. The caps are sorted on the back of the machine and transferred exactly under the capping head through an adjustable chute to the pick and place device.

The servo-driven capping head picks up the cap and screws the cap with the right capping torque on your container. The vertical up & down movement of the capping head is also servo-driven allowing the closing of different heights of caps without any mechanical adjustments. After capping the container is fed out by the same conveyor.

Machines equipped with a scale having a separate infeed, weighing and outfeed conveyor.



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