Amazon, your compact filling machine

Our Sneyders AMAZON filler did not fall out of the blue. This product has grown over the years from the earlier BPMatic machines and has been completely adapted to the Sneyders standards. The PLC control, the demotors and the operator panel come from Siemens. Together these components ensure a coherent architecture. Easy and unambiguous use is ensured by the ergonomic construction of the screens and menus. The filling needles from WIPP from Germany guarantee many different application possibilities.


Is the AMAZON for you?

Do you regularly have to fill jerry cans of 5 to 30 liters? It's child's play with the Sneyders AMAZON! The calibrated scales make it immediately clear to you: you can be sure that each can contains the legal minimum quantity. The servo-controlled filling needle movement keeps foaming under control. Do you work with corrosive products? No problem, a special anti-corrosion version of the AMAZON has been provided for this. This makes our Sneyders AMAZON the ideal filling machine for both chemical and food products.


Special features of the AMAZON

The compact and airy construction of the AMAZON gives the operator access from the different sides of the machine. The high level of finishing, including glass doors, ensures a long service life of this filling installation. Furthermore, there are numerous options for its integration into your business space thanks to the flexible construction of the supply and discharge conveyors.

  • Easy operation
  • No format parts
  • Up to 6 filling heads
  • Capacity up to 750 water bottles per hour
  • Compact setup with choice of direction of supply and output
  • Servo-controlled movements
  • Bottom filling
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