Looking for an efficient filler or capper?

Friday, September 21, 2018

Visit us from 25th Till 27 th Sep,  2018 at our booth 3-517 (HALL 3) on the Fachpack exhibition in Nurnberg and discover the lastest developments of the Sneyders’ filling machines. Next to the Scaldis filling machine with flowmeters or pistons, Sneyders is offering fillers dosing with scales to fill jerrycans, pails, drums and IBC’s.

The inline Scaldis filler is famous for its fast and automated format change overas well as for its integrated CIP module. The Amazon fillers for jerrycans can be euipped with 1 up to 6 filling heads. THey have the advantage dat every container is weighed independently on a calibrated scale. The Yukon is with its sturdy construction and easy operation, the ideal filler for IBS’s and drums.

Sneyders provides efficient filling solutions for containers ranging from 100 ml till 1000 liter.



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