New concept Drum In-Line Filler

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Introducing the revolutionary new SNEYDERS Yukon In-Line filler - an innovation inspired by the future.

Say goodbye to the challenges that operators face daily with incorrect cap positioning, misaligned drums, and manual handling of filling nozzles
With the Yukon In-Line Filler, these issues belong to the past.

Designed to handle different drums, caps, and products, the Yukon In-Line Filler is the perfect solution for chemical producers and logistic service providers. With advanced features such as a servo-driven XYZ movement, no centering required, bunghole camera detection, and acid-resistant internal transport, the Yukon In-Line Filler makes filling lubricants, chemicals, flammable and corrosive products a breeze.

This state-of-the-art machine can be equipped with up to 3 filling nozzles to fill your compatible products, automatic positioning of filling nozzles in CIP collector, and is suitable for different drum sizes including 60L, 120L, 216L, 220L, 250L, or IBC´s.  It´s also convenient for different drum types such as steel, PE, plastic, etc. With the Yukon In-Line Filler, changing products is very easy.

Upgrade your operations with the Yukon In-Line Filler and experience the ease and efficiency of cutting-edge technology

Don´t get left behind, join the future today.



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