Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Sneyders continously improves the operation of its filler and capping machines.

Bottles can enter in wrongly oriented in the filler and result in crashes of the filling nozzles. The Scaldis filler has a lot of built in securities to prevent.

  • Needles are loosely suspended in holders
  • Photocells detect anomalies and stop the downward movement of the filling needles beam
  • A clutch prevent breakages in case of crashes.

In the past the machine stopped and an operator had to reposition in a step/step mode the filling nozzle beam.  Now the filling nozzle beam automatically repositions to the initial production level, an operator takes out the damaged bottle and restarts the filler. No hazzle or unnecessary handlings are needed anymore.

Bottles are not always completely inserted in the starwheel of the capper. This can be due to deviations in bottle dimensions, wrongly positioned conveyor guides, … Our Scaldis capping machine is now equipped with a sensor at the infeed of the capper starwheel to assure that the bottle is fully introduced in the starwheel.  In this way we avoid that bottles crash against the outer guide and splash product over the machine. Difference is that the dimensions of the container are managed from the operator panel without need for manual adjustment.

To change over from one cap to another cap, the air conveyor guides need to be adjusted or alternatively a fixed set of guides per format has to be replaced. The second solution results in a faster change over which is also correct from the first cap without adjustments, except for pneumatic stopper/divider before the pick and place device.  From now on, the new cap guide is equipped with its own pneumatic stopper/divider without need of any adjustment. Faster, more reliable, …


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