Why do major lubricants manufacturers choose for Sneyders?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Total, Unil, Petronas, Ardeca, Wolf Oil, de Oliebron, Fuchs, Sonatrach,….. all opted for Sneyders filling piston fillers.

Unlike most people believe, product and format change-overs in lubricant factories occur more than once a shift.  Every change in oil quality might result in a thorough cleaning of the filling machine. The Sneyders piston fillers can be equipped with pistons which empty the cylinders completely and can also rinse the fresh oil or a rinsing oil through the product circuit.

The Scaldis filler comes with integrated CIP systems consisting of both built-in hardware and specific PLC cleaning programs which can be called up from the Siemens operator panel. It includes also a cylindrical tank with selfdraining piping to minimise product waste during a product change over.

Filling nozzles are automatically positioned in a CIP rinsing tray in order to empty the piping sytem, purge out all the oil and prepare for the next filling.  Eliminating the air out of the piping before starting the filling process results in splash free filling of the first series of bottles.

Some lube oil manufacturers prefer to fill one bottle size with different grades of products, other continue to work with one grade on several bottle formats.
In the latter case, a quick and efficient format change-over is required. With fewer and fewer knowledgeable staff available fool-proof equipment is needed. The Scaldis filler is equipped with servo motors for the movement of the pistons, the filling beam, the height and depth of the neck centering device. In this way, changing over from one bottle format to another is a matter of clicking the right format recipe on the operator panel. The repositioning of the filling heads is made easy by the Scaldis Easy Lever Systems (SELS) ensuring that each filling nozzle is clamped with the same force.

The servo motor for the pistons is only one of the elements guaranteeing an accuracy of 0,2%. An ingenious compensations system recalibrates the pistons with every stroke. Even in case of wear of the O-rings, which hold the piston in the right place in the cylinder, the same accuracy is guaranteed.

Many lubricant manufacturers choose for Sneyders fillers because of their

  • accuracy
  • easy product change over with less waste
  • automated bottle change over
  • clean machine and user interface design.

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