Sneyders introduces a new filler for the liquor industry

donderdag, 1 september, 2016

Sneyders introduces a new filler for the liquor industry which has been developed on request of a major player within the industry. The challenge was to have a linear filler which could provide an excellent accuracy and at the same time could cope with the differences in volume of glass bottles. The machine should be able to fill a vast range of different bottle formats without using format change over parts.

Sneyders combined its existing technologies to provide a solution with a pressure vessel with flowmeters dosing the exact volume and a vacuum vessel removing the surplus in the bottle neck. Both tanks are equipped with an automated CIP system. It comes with bottom up filling possibilities, fully automated format change overs driven by servo motors and an intelligent operator panel giving vast numerous possibilities for operating, planning, and maintenance. 

The Scaldis FV 12 is the ideal machine for contract packers in the wine, liquor or beverages industry looking for a flexible filling tool. For more information please contact Bart Truyens at Sneyders for more information.



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